Youth For Christ

"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all Nations and languages.” That is the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. GraceWay Church on 2660 Yorkway, Dundalk, is in a beautiful way, reaching all the Nations and is now taking it one step further... reaching the Deaf community.

GraceWay Church is partnering with the ministry of Youth For Christ Metro Maryland to reach the Deaf and Hard of Hearing teenagers and their families in the Dundalk and greater Baltimore area. So, if you are or you know of any Deaf and or Hard of Hearing person living in the Dundalk or greater Baltimore area looking for a church home, GraceWay has good news for you and your families.

Stop wondering about God’s love, let us encourage you! Stop looking around and find your way to GraceWay Church. His love. His grace. His purpose. That's what you'll find when you come to GraceWay Deaf Fellowship. Jesus cares! So, do GraceWay church. Our doors are open. Our hearts are open, too. Welcome Home!

Rachel Mraz - the director of Metro Maryland Youth For Christ/ Deaf Teen Quest ministry is serving as interpreter each week for our Sunday morning service at 11am. Please do join us at GraceWay church for worship and for studying the Bible. 

If you would like more information you may contact check Rev. Yakubu B. Bakfwash with any questions. His cell number is 682.556.1500. Also, you may please contact Rachel regarding the Deaf/HH ministry. You can reach her at 410.302.1450 or you can visit their website:, click the menu button, and select "our ministries" to read more about Deaf Teen Quest.